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ГТРК Удмуртия

About TV Station ГТРК Удмуртия

ГТРК Удмуртия covers the life of the Udmurt Republic in all its diversity. The daily 40-minute informational and analytical program “Udmurtia Today” gives a complete picture of the day. In addition, we are pleased to offer up to 6 news releases per day in Russian and Udmurt languages and a full range of author’s programs in three languages of the peoples of Udmurtia. The channel also broadcasts sports competitions, competitive concerts and entertainment events. To attract viewers, the channel purchases foreign and Russian class A films, high-quality Russian TV series, domestic and foreign cartoons, and documentaries. The design of the channel was made according to the laws of modern television design, and received a silver diploma from the TEFI-region in the Design nomination. Watch the channel ГТРК Удмуртия online, live in good quality on the site VitsTV.

TV program ГТРК Удмуртия