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About TV Station Липецкое Время

Липецкое Время is one of the largest television channels in the Lipetsk region. The air is conducted with the possibility of own programming of the air, excluding the presence of a network partner. Television space, as well as Lipetsk FM radio, are part of the Lipetsk Time company. Broadcasting has been carried out since February 2004. The network is built from 22 television sensors in the region, providing viewing in the settlements of the Russian Federation. Lyceum time is included in the standard offers of cable operators in the region. The TV channel team presents the viewers with exclusively fresh news. Thanks to the timely viewing of the channel’s programs, the audience will be able to learn about how things are in the economic and political segment of the region and the country as a whole. There are projects dedicated to sports, culture, weather forecast. Watch Липецкое Время TV channel online, live in good quality on the website VitsTV.

TV program Липецкое Время