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Мир 24 is a Russian-made information and educational television channel, which can be called international, as it is broadcast in almost two dozen countries in Europe and the Middle East. The TV channel was born only 5 years ago, but during this time it has managed to become one of the most popular and viewed information TV channels in the country and neighboring countries. In addition, it has recently been possible to watch it not only in coverage countries, but also in other regions, this is possible thanks to live broadcast over the Internet, where it can be watched without any restrictions. Мир 24 broadcasts every day around the clock, which is convenient for those who watch the presented programs at night. During the broadcast of the channel, the most diverse content of its own production is available. First of all, these are fresh, timely news releases, which several times a day cover the most important world events, the mouth of various incidents, and up to politics and everything connected with it. Also, during the broadcast, other projects are going on, some of them are devoted to discussions and dialogues on various topics, including economics, politics and many others. It is also worth noting that there was a place on the air for educational programs in the form of documentaries on various historical topics. All TV programs are created by the channel, which indicates the high quality of the content and its uniqueness compared to other TV channels. Watch Мир 24 TV channel online, live in good quality on the website VitsTV.

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