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About TV Station Красная Линия

Красная Линия is a 24-hour socio-political TV channel that offers viewers an alternative picture of the day, a look at the events in the country from the point of view of a working person. The Красная Линия TV channel is a public, news, TV channel, owned by the political party of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. First aired in 2015. The content of the channel is reliable information, the specificity of the channel is that the viewer is introduced to the events taking place, from the point of view of the usual average “hard worker”. The project is broadcast on the basis of satellite TV, Internet, cable and digital television. The bulk of the audience is between 25 and 45 years old, independent people with their own heads on their shoulders. The air grid consists of analytical programs and documentary and feature films. The Красная Линия TV channel is a new vision of what is happening, for those who are ready and want to see this world in a new way. Watch the TV channel “Красная Линия” online, live in good quality on the website VitsTV.

TV program Красная Линия

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  • 06:15 Сериал Точка зрения
  • 07:15 Сериал Премьера. "Великая река"
  • 09:00 Сериал МультУтро
  • 10:00 Сериал Темы дня
  • 10:15 Сериал Точка зрения
  • 11:15 Сериал Премьера. Специальный репортаж
  • 11:40 Сериал ТАСС уполномочен заявить
  • 15:40 Сериал Премьера. "Великая река"
  • 17:30 Сериал Точка зрения
  • 18:30 Сериал Два билета на дневной сеанс
  • 20:20 Сериал Зимний вечер в Гаграх
  • 22:00 Сериал Темы дня
  • 22:15 Сериал Точка зрения
  • 23:10 Сериал Специальный репортаж
  • 23:35 Сериал Берем все на себя
  • 02:00 Сериал Темы дня
  • 02:15 Сериал Два билета на дневной сеанс